Terms & Conditions

At nidahost.com we esteem our clients and wish to furnish them with a positive ordeal. To offer you the most ideal administration, all clients need to take after similar standards and rules.

These strategies are expected to make NidaHost.com Service accessible to every one of our clients as reliably and effectively as could be expected under the circumstances.

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Terms & conditions

At nidahost.com we esteem our clients and wish to furnish them with a positive ordeal. To offer you the most ideal administration, all clients need to take after similar standards and rules. These strategies are expected to make NidaHost.com’s Service accessible to every one of our clients as reliably and effectively as could be expected under the circumstances.

Client Supplied Content

All administrations might be utilized for legitimate purposes as it were. Through nidahost.com ‘s Service, you may approach visit ranges, release sheets, website pages, email, or different administrations that empower you to send or post materials (“substance”) and make that substance accessible to others. You should not submit, distribute, or show on the Network any defamatory, incorrect, harsh, indecent, encroaching, or debilitating substance. Moreover, you may not submit, distribute, or show any substance that disregards any US Federal, State, or Local law. You are exclusively in charge of the substance you make available through the nidahost.com. System. You may not utilize the Service to help whatever other individual or substance to disregard any Federal, State, or Local laws, mandates, or controls.

nidahost.com is not committed to screen the system to inspect accessible substance. You thusly recognize that on the off chance that we are made mindful of substance that is resolved to be, in its sole caution, unsatisfactory, undesirable, hostile, profane, revolting, exorbitantly vicious or generally shocking, nidahost.com has the privilege, yet not the commitment, to alter, expel or deny access to such substance. nidahost.com .may uncover any substance or records concerning client’s record as required to fulfill any law, control, administrative demand or court arrange.

Locales that advance any illicit movement or substance that might be harming o nidahost.com ‘s servers or some other server on the Internet are entirely denied. Connections to such materials are likewise precluded. What’s more, any site offering or advancing mass email benefit is not permitted. The following are a few cases of non-adequate substance or connections:

“Pilfered Software (Warez) – Any product that is copyrighted and not uninhibitedly accessible for dispersion without cost; i.e. ROMs, ROM Emulators and MPEG Layer 3 records (MP3).

“Copyright Violations – Violation of copyrights held by people and organizations or different substances can bring about common and criminal risk for the infringer.

” Hacking/Phreaking – Includes locales with material, connections, or assets for hacking, phreaking, infections, turmoil, or any kind of webpage that advances or partakes in resolved mischief to Internet destinations or suppliers.

System Security

Clients may not utilize the nidahost.com Network with an endeavor to go around client confirmation or security of any host, system, or record. This incorporates, yet is not constrained to, getting to information not planned for the client, signing into a server or record the client is not explicitly approved to get to, secret word splitting, examining the security of different systems looking for shortcoming, or infringement of whatever other association’s security approach. Clients may not endeavor to meddle or refuse assistance to any client, host, or system. This incorporates, yet is not constrained to, flooding, mail besieging, or other ponder endeavors to over-burden or crash a host or system. nidahost.com. will collaborate completely with examinations of infringement of frameworks or system security at different destinations, incorporating participating with law requirement experts in the examination of suspected criminal infringement. Clients who disregard framework or system security may cause criminal or common obligation.

CGI Scripts

Each nidahost.com .account comes completely furnished with its own pre-arranged CGI-Bin. Clients are allowed to utilize any CGI-scripts furnished with their record or include any extra ones they require. Any CGI-scripts considered to be antagonistically influencing the server execution or the system respectability might be closed down without earlier notice. CGI-script offering to areas not facilitated byNidaHost.com is not permitted.

Talk Rooms

nidahost.com .forbids its clients from introducing outside visit rooms on their area, as these have a tendency to be an asset issue. nidahost.com .provides its clients a decision of Java visit rooms to look over for an ostensible month to month charge. These visit rooms were intended to meet the developing needs of clients and capacity without impeding the execution of the servers for others.

Server Resources

Any record that uses a high sum or out of line measure of server assets, (for example, however not constrained to CPU time, memory utilization, and system assets) will be given an alternative of either redesigning their administration level or diminishing the asset used to a satisfactory or reasonable level. Reasonable/out of line will be founded on the arrangement value contrasted with the rate of the server the record is devouring.

Foundation Running Programs

Foundation daemons all in all are disallowed. nidahost.com . will consider asks for on a for every application premise. In the event that permitted, additional charges will be surveyed in light of asset prerequisites for framework upkeep.


nidahost.com at present restricts its clients from working IRC or IRC Bots on any of the servers in the NidaHost.com’s Network.

Business Advertising/Mass Mailings/UCE/SPAM

You should not utilize the nidahost.com Network, nidahost.com. Hardware or any nidahost.com .email address regarding the transmission of spam, flares, mail bombs, or considerably comparable, spontaneous email messages. Your area may not be referenced as originator, go-between, or answer to address in any of the above. This denial stretches out to the sending of spontaneous mass mailings from another administration that in any capacity involves the utilization of the NidaHost.com’s Network, nidahost.com hardware or any nidahost.com .email address. A message is viewed as spontaneous in the event that it is posted disregarding a newsgroup sanction or on the off chance that it is sent to a beneficiary who has not asked for or welcomed the message. For reasons for this arrangement, simply making one’s email deliver available to the general population won’t constitute a demand or welcome to get messages. On the off chance that you are found to have spammed, all of a sudden, nidahost.com claims all authority to incapacitate your space/end your record. Moreover, nidahost.com may force a $100 punishment for each spam strategy infringement. nidahost.com exclusively maintains whatever authority is needed to deny or wipe out support of known spammers. In conclusion, nidahost.com claims all authority to figure out what disregards this strategy. In that capacity, any infringement may bring about cancelation of administrations without discount.

Dispersion and additionally Transmission of Obscene or Indecent Speech or Materials.

Infringement of foulness and vulgarity laws can bring about criminal punishments.

Specialized Support Boundaries

nidahost.com provides all day, every day/365 Technical Support to all its Resellers and direct customers. In any case, we don’t offer help to your customers or your affiliates. nidahost.com does not give Technical Support or help with programming, HTML code, custom programming and outsider Software, regardless of whether introduced or pre-introduced on your PC or our server.

Licensed innovation Rights

Material open to you through NidaHost.com’s. Services might be liable to insurance under the United States or other copyright laws, or laws ensuring trademarks, exchange insider facts or restrictive data. But when explicitly allowed by the proprietor of such rights, you should not utilize the nidahost.com . Administration in a way that would encroach, abuse, weaken or misuse any such rights, as for any material, which you get to or get through the nidahost.com .Network. On the off chance that you utilize an area name regarding the nidahost.com .Service or comparable administration, you should not utilize that space name infringing upon any trademark, benefit stamp, or comparative privileges of any outsider.


Defamatory discourse conveyed over the Internet can bring about common risk for the defamer.

Space name

Space enrollment/recharging for areas we enlist for your sake. Rebates or free advancements for area enlistments/recharges are reached out amid your facilitating period with us as it were. Once you’re facilitating account is scratched off or terminates, in the event that you change area enlistment centers or facilitating suppliers, the distinction between the sum paid for your space to us and the genuine full cost for the space at the maximum since the first enrollment date is expected before we will discharge the area.

Refusal of Service

nidahost.com .saves the comfortable sole prudence to decline or cross out administration. Infringement of any of nidahost.com .’s Rules and Regulations could bring about a notice, suspension, or conceivable record end. Records might be ended for any or no reason whatsoever with no earlier notice to the client. Records ended because of approach infringement won’t be discounted.


Client concurs that it will secure, reimburse, spare and hold nidahost.com innocuous from all stipulations, liabilities, misfortunes, costs and claims, including however not constrained to sensible lawyer’s expenses evaluated against nidahost.com ., its operators, clients, officers, representatives, officers, investors, chiefs and organization that may emerge or result from any administration gave or performed or consented to be performed or any item sold by it’s clients, specialists, workers, officers, investors, executives, or appoints. Client consents to guard, reimburse and hold nidahost.com safe against liabilities emerging out of; (1) any damage to individual or property caused by any items sold or circulated in relationship with nidahost.com ‘s Services; (2) any material outfitted by client encroaching or purportedly encroaching on the exclusive privileges of an outsider; (3) copyright, trademark patent, or other licensed innovation infringement


Client concurs that the waiver of any rupture, or the inability to authorize these terms and conditions, whenever, should not at all effect, restrict, or postpone the privilege of nidahost.com to from there on to implement and force strict consistence by the other party with respect to any of these terms and conditions.


On the off chance that any at least one segments of these terms and conditions ought to ever be resolved to be illicit, invalid, or generally unenforceable by reason of any law, statute, direction, or open approach, at that point, to the degree and inside the locale in which the area is unlawful, invalid, or generally unenforceable, the segment should be constrained or separated and erased from these terms and conditions, and the rest of the areas of these terms and conditions might survive, stay in full drive and impact and keep on being official, and might not be influenced aside from as might be important to comprehend these terms and conditions, and should be deciphered to offer impact to these terms and conditions to hold legitimacy of these terms and conditions.

Representing Law, Jurisdiction, and Venue

The legitimacy, understanding, development and execution of this assention might be administered by the laws of the State of New Jersey. The New Jersey state courts of Hudson County, New Jersey (or, if there is selective government locale, the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey) might have restrictive purview and scene over any question emerging out of this understanding, and clients thus agree to the ward of such courts.

Client’s Sole Remedy

NidaHost.com’s. whole obligation and Customer’s restrictive cure should be the discount of up to thirty (30) days of administration.

Confinement of Liability

Client ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES THAT THE CONSIDERATION WHICH nidahost.com . IS CHARGING HEREUNDER DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY CONSIDERATION FOR ASSUMPTION BY nidahost.com . OF THE RISK OF CUSTOMER’S CONSEQUENTIAL, PUNITIVIE, SPECIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES WHICH MAY ARISE IN CONNECTION WITH CUSTOMER’S USE OF THE SOFTWARE AND DOCUMENTATION. As needs be, CUSTOMER AGREES THAT nidahost.com . Should NOT BE RESPONSIBLE TO CUSTOMER FOR ANY LOSS-OF-PROFIT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL PUNITIVE DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF THE SERVICE OR DOCUMENTATION. Any arrangement in this despite what might be expected in any case, the most extreme obligation of nidahost.com . to any individual, firm or company at all emerging out of or in the association with any permit, utilize or other work of any administration conveyed to Customer hereunder, regardless of whether such risk emerges from any claim in light of rupture or disavowal of agreement, guarantee, tort or something else, might for no situation surpass the real value paid to nidahost.com . by Customer for thirty (30) days of administration whose permit, utilize, or other business offers ascend to the obligation. The basic reason for this arrangement is to constrain the potential risk of nidahost.com . emerging out of this assention. The gatherings recognize that the restrictions put forward in this understanding are vital to the measure of thought imposed regarding the permit of the administrations and documentation and any administrations rendered hereunder and that, were nidahost.com . to accept any further risk other than as put forward thus, such thought would of need be set significantly higher.

Fulfillment Guaranteed:

nidahost.com offers an unconditional promise on our web facilitating administrations for the initial 30 days of administration. On the off chance that you are not totally happy with our web facilitating administrations inside the initial 30 days of administration gave, you will be given a full discount of the facilitating sum barring setup expenses, space enlistment charges and overages.


All installments after the initial 30 days of administration to nidahost.com are nonrefundable paying little heed to reason or utilization. Any erroneous, cheats or charging debate must be accounted for inside 60 days of the time the charge happened. In the event that you question a charge to your Visa guarantor that, at NidaHost.com’s. sole prudence is a substantial charge under the arrangements of the TOS, you consent to pay nidahost.com. A “Regulatory Fee” of $100 per question.

Client Requested Cancelation:

Client consents to advise us of demand to cross out no less than 15 days before the following bill date. While wiping out two (2) or more committed servers inside any given 30 day time frame, client consents to tell us of demand to wipe out no less than 30 days before the following bill date. While wiping out ten (10) or more committed servers inside any given 30 day time span, client consents to tell us of demand to cross out no less than 60 days preceding the following bill date.

Client Abuse

We have zero resilience for damaging dialect and additionally harsh conduct towards our organization as well as administration we give or potentially our representatives. Any client regarded at our sole circumspection to be oppressive to our organization as well as administration we give and additionally our representatives will bring about quick irreversible record end with no discount. Moreover, posting negative criticism on any open gathering about our organization and additionally our representatives before presenting a ticket to our “Input” division to examine your issue will bring about quick record end with no discount. Despite the fact that it is your entitlement to post criticism without examining your issue with us initially, it is without a doubt out of line and amateurish not to, which is not the sort of customer we need to manage. We have the most extreme regard for the greater part of our customers, and are more than reasonable with the majority of our customers. We will do everything without exception conceivable to keep the greater part of our customers fulfilled. In any case, in the impossible occasion you are not fulfilled, all that we request that is talk about your issue with our “Criticism” division first.


Reinforcements are excluded as a feature of any administration. It is the client’s sole obligation to make reinforcements and spare them somewhere else off server. Accessibility of server reinforcements is not ensured and we are not in charge of loss of client information. Clients are educated to make reinforcements with respect to the data they store on our servers all the time. Our Control Panel gives devices that enable clients’ to make information reinforcements, download information, download reinforcements, and so on.

Compel Majeure

In the event that either Party might be kept from playing out any bit of this Agreement (with the exception of the installment of cash) by causes outside its ability to control, including work debate, common bustle, war, administrative directions or controls, setback, failure to acquire materials or Service(s) or demonstrations of God, such Party should be pardoned from execution for the time of the deferral and the ideal opportunity for such Party’s execution might be stretched out for a timeframe equivalent to the length of such postponement. Despite anything in actuality contained in these terms of administration and strategies, nidahost.com .should not be at risk in any way to the degree its execution is postponed by any occasion or cause outside the ability to control of nidahost.com Including without restriction, fire, blast, storm, surge, electrical power outage, warmth or frosty, war, disobedience, fear monger act, insurgence, revolt, strike, breakdown or mischance to hardware, or consistence with the request of any legislative expert.


nidahost.com . Won’t BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES YOUR BUSINESS MAY SUFFER. nidahost.com . MAKES NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED FOR SERVICES WE PROVIDE. nidahost.com . DISLAIMS ANY WARRANTY OR MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THIS INCLUDES LOSS OF DATA RESULTING FROM DELAYS, NON-DELIVERIES, FAILED BACKUPS, FAILED HARDWARE, WRONG DELIVERY, AND ANY AND ALL SERVICE INTERRUPTIONS CAUSED BY nidahost.com . What’s more, ITS EMPLOYEES, DATACENTER, CONTRACTORS. nidahost.com . Claims all authority TO AMEND OR UPDATE THESE POLICIES WITHOUT NOTICE. Inability to take after any terms and conditions may bring about record deactivation or end without take note. nidahost.com . besides expects that its clients who give Internet administrations to others will completely consent to every appropriate law concerning the security of online interchanges. A client’s inability to follow those laws will disregard this approach. At last, nidahost.com . wishes to accentuate that in tolerating administrations, clients repay nidahost.com . for the infringement of any law or nidahost.com . approach, that outcomes in misfortune to nidahost.com . or, on the other hand the bringing of any claim against nidahost.com .. This implies if nidahost.com . is sued in light of exercises of the client that abuse any law, or this arrangement, the client will pay any harms granted against nidahost.com ., in addition to costs and sensible lawyers’ expenses.

Secrecy Statement

We at nidahost.com guarantee that all individual data submitted to us in handling your request and for charging purposes, and so forth., including yet not restricted Mastercard data, will be kept entirely private and utilized exclusively by nidahost.com, its agents, self employed entities, and representatives, for the reasons for which it was planned, for the advantage of the endorser and which follow all shields under government and appropriate state law. We concur not to share or discharge such data to any individual, substance, or outsider, without the assent of the endorser, aside from as required by law, direction or legislative expert. All data given to us by the supporter is legitimately put away and taken care of constantly by approved nidahost.com staff individuals as it were.

In spite of the fact that we attempt to keep up high administration accessibility, the administrations gave are not intended to mission basic utilize, and ought not be utilized for such purposes. Our administrations should just be utilized for blame tolerant purposes which take into account disappointment. On the off chance that any terms or conditions are neglected to be tailed it will bring about justification for prompt record deactivation.

o Non-agreeable utilization of any product introduced on the server

o Client started server over-usage

o Any problems related to attacks on the machine such as hacking, bandwidth-based attacks of any nature, and service or operating system exploits